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Untwinkling the Stars
Sky & Telescope, March 2017

How did the world's largest telescopes conque the tempestuous atmosphere?. Find out in Sky & Telescope's May issue.

The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
New Scientist, January 2017

A decade ago astronomers discovered an ultrabright, ultrabrief flash of radio waves. Now, more than a dozen have been spotted, revealing tantalizing clues to their nature. Read more in New Scientist's January cover story.

Online News Stories

These Seven Alien Earths May be Swapping Life
National Geographic, March 2017

Why Scientists are So Excited About This Total Solar Eclipse
NBC, March 2017

Found: Hundreds of Thousands of Man-Made Minerals and Another Argument for the Anthropocene
Scientific American, March 2017

Why NASA Wants to Send a 'Turtle' to Titan
NBC, February 2017

Volcanic Eruption May Have Plunged the Maya into a 'Dark Age'
Scientific American, February 2017

Best Evidence Yet for an Intermediate Mass Black Hole
Sky & Telescope, February 2017

What Lies Ahead for Earth's Shifting Continents Might Surprise You
NBC, February 2017

Water Spotted in the Atmosphere of a Nearby Hot Jupiter
New Scientist, February 2017

The Hunt for Alien Megastructures is On
NBC, January 2017

Fast Radio Burst Has a Surprising Source
Sky & Telescope, January 2017

How Art Can Make the Data Pop
Nautilus, January 2017

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