Shannon Hall

Science Reporter

Online News Stories in 2017

Best Evidence Yet for an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
Sky & Telescope, February 2017

What Lies Ahead for Earth's Shifting Continents Just Might Surprise You
NBC, February 2017

Water Spotted in the Atmosphere of a Nearby Hot Jupiter
New Scientist, February 2017

Mapping the multiverse: How far away is your parallel self?
New Scientist, January 2017

There seems to be an infinity of invisible worlds lurking out there. Now we’re starting to get a handle on where they are, and what it might take to reach them. Read more in New Scientist's January cover story.

The Hunt for Alien Megastructures is On
NBC, January 2017

Astronomers Trace Fast Radio Burst to a Surprising Source
Sky & Telescope, January 2017

How Art Can Make the Data Pop
Nautilus, January 2017

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