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The Mystery of Fast Radio Bursts
Sky & Telescope, July 2016

A decade ago astronomers discovered an ultrabright, ultrabrief flash of radio waves. Now, more than a dozen have been spotted, revealing tantalizing clues to their nature. Read more in Sky & Telescope's July issue.

Untwinkling the Stars
Sky & Telescope, May 2016

How did the world's largest telescopes conquer the tempestuous atmosphere? Find out in Sky & Telescope's May issue.

News Stories From 2016

Top 12 Astronomy News Stories of 2016
Sky & Telescope, December 2016

Why Trump's Win Blindsided the Big Polls
Scientific American, November 2016

Physics Tweak Solves Five of the Biggest Problems In One Go
New Scientist, October 2016

Bump Hiding in 20-Year-Old Data Could be Undiscovered Particle
New Scientist, October 2016

Material That Shrinks in Heat Can Weather Extreme Temperatures
New Scientist, October 2016

Strange Signals From 234 Stars Could be ET ... Or Human Error
New Scientist, October 2016

Puffed-Up Exoplanets Inflate From the Heat of Their Host Stars Alone
New Scientist, September 2016

Alien Megastructure' Star Might be Explained by Interstellar Junk
New Scientist, September 2016

Gaia's New Star Map Will Also Reveal Asteroids and Dark Matter
New Scientist, September 2016

A Flip-Flopping Planet Could Explain Mars's Watery Past
Eos, September 2016

Upcoming Galaxy Map Could Radically Transform How We See the Milky Way
Scientific American, September 2016

An Interview with Natalie Wolchover
Showcase, September 2016

Universe Steps on the Gas
Symmetry, September 2016

Mysterious Signal Unlikely to be Aliens after SETI Draws a Blank
New Scientist, August 2016

Mysterious SETI Signal Sends Alien-Hunting Telescopes Scrambling
New Scientist, August 2016

Supersized Molecules Stretch a Thousand Times Further than Usual
New Scientist, August 2016

Ghost Galaxy is 99.99 Percent Dark Matter with Few Stars
New Scientist, August 2016

Does a Fifth Force Permeate the Universe?
Sky & Telescope, August 2016

Hellish Venus Might Have Been Habitable for Billions of Years
Scientific American, August 2016

Mystery Object in Weird Orbit Beyond Neptune Cannot Be Explained
New Scientist, August 2016

Triple Signal of 'Alien Megastructure' Star Baffles Astronomers
New Scientist, August 2016

A Volcano Might Be Brewing under Rome's Suburbs
Scientific American, July 2016

New-Found Dwarf Planet Points to Solar System's Chaotic Past
Eos, July 2016

In Awards Impact Wins
Showcase, July 2016

Impossible Vanishing Stars Could be Signs of Advanced Alien Life
New Scientist, July 2016

LIGO Discoveries Will Help Scientists Run Stellar Autopsies on Colliding Black Holes
Scientific American, June 2016

Find Exomoons by Watching How They Warp Their Planet's Light
New Scientist, June 2016

LIGO Detects Second Black Hole Collision
Sky & Telescope, June 2016

Should NASA Strive Harder to Find Alien Life?
New Scientist, June 2016

First Mirror-Image Molecule Found in Space
New Scientist, June 2016

Dark Matter May Be Made of Primordial Black Holes, June 2016

Nearly Perfect Einstein Ring Forged From Ancient Galaxy (Image), June 2016

Photographer Snaps Epic View of Space Station and Mercury Crossing the Sun, June 2016

Underwater Lost City Built by Microbes?
Scientific American, June 2016

Tsunamis Splashed Ancient Mars
Eos, May 2016

Invisible Radar Wall in the Atmosphere Solved
New Scientist, May 2016

Supernovae 2 Million Years Ago May Have Changed Human Behavior
New Scientist, May 2016

Spongy Minerals Could Explain Why Mars Gives off Methane Burps
New Scientist, May 2016

Stars Burn Away the Atmsopheres of Close-In Super-Earths
New Scientist, May 2016

Which Came First: Habitability or Life?
Scientific American, May 2016

Will Moose Thrive or Die Because of Climate Change?
Scientific American, April 2016

Impacts Might Have Made Ancient Mars Briefly Hospitable to Life
Eos, April 2016

Hunt Continues for Gravitational Waves from Black Hole Megamergers, April 2016

We Are Closing in on Possible Whereabouts of Planet Nine
New Scientist, April 2016

Dusty Doughnut Around Massive Black Hole Spied for the First Time
New Scientist, April 2016

Earth Is Tipping Over Because of Climate Change
Scientific American, April 2016

Martian Mile-High Mounds Mystery: The Answer Is Blowing in the Wind
Scientific American, April 2016

Long-Ago Supernovae Showered Earth with Debris
Sky & Telescope, April 2016

Mysterious Gravitational Tug on Saturn May Help Find Planet Nine
Scientific American, April 2016

Planet Nine Might be an Exoplanet Stolen by the Sun
New Scientist, April 2016

Frozen Lake on Pluto May Point to a Warmer Time, April 2016

More Evidence for Planet Nine as Odd Celestial Alignment Emerges
New Scientist, March 2016

An Interstellar Cloud Could Have Wiped out the Dinosaurs
New Scientist, March 2016

LIGO Could Catch Dark Matter Made of Black Holes
New Scientist, March 2016

Material That Can Grow When Stretched is Inspired by Islamic Art
New Scientist, March 2016

Yellowstone's Supervolcano Gets a Lid
Scientific American, March 2016

Southeast Asia to Witness Total Solar Eclipse Next Week (Video), March 2016

Mysterious Radio Burst Repeats Itself
Sky & Telescope, March 2016

Follow the Salt May be the Best Strategy to Find Martian Microbes
New Scientist, February 2016

Astronomers Pinpoint Mysterious Radio Burst
Sky & Telescope, February 2016

Meteorite Hunters Find 6 Space Rocks from Florida Fireball, February 2016

Exoplanet Census Suggests Earth Is Special after All
Scientific American, February 2016

Binary Stars Burned off Early Cosmic Fog
New Scientist, February 2016

Mercury Splatters the Central U.S.
Scientific American, February 2016

Long-Lost Stellar Siblings Probe the Milky Way's Violent History
New Scientist, February 2016

Stars Form in Turbulent Times
Sky & Telescope, February 2016

Comets May Not Explain 'Alien Megastructure' Star's Strange Flickering After All, February 2016

A Galactic Hit-and-Run
Sky & Telescope, January 2016

The World's Grandest Canyon May Be Hidden beneath Antarctica
Scientific American, January 2016

Seeing Shadows of Ancient Galaxies
Sky & Telescope, January 2016

Ancient Quasars in Distant Galaxies Caught Switching on Suddenly
New Scientist, January 2016

About The LIGO Gravitational-Wave Rumor . . .
Sky & Telescope, January 2016

Best-Ever Map of High-Energy Sky Unveiled (Video), January 2016

Nearby Black Holes Spied Gobbling Gas in Andromeda Galaxy (Photo), January 2016

A Mile-Deep Campus
Symmetry Magazine, January 2016

New Clues in Cooking up Planets and Stars
Sky & Telescope, January 2016

Telltale Shock Waves from Runaway Stars
Sky & Telescope, January 2016

Our Solar System Is Overflowing with Liquid Water [Graphic]
Scientific American (print), January 2016

Investment Bankers Severely Dissociate Their Sense of Self from Their Work
Scientific American, January 2016

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