Shannon Hall

Award-Winning Freelance Science Journalist

On-Scene Narratives

Life in the Dark Arctic
Science News, April 2020

A year long expedition spotlights night life in the Arctic winter. Learn more in Science News' April cover story.
The Voyage to the End of the Ice
Quanta Magazine, January 2020

Arctic ice is disappearing — the question is how fast. To nail down the answer, an expedition to the top of the world has to untangle the knotty physics of ice.
Arctic Intruder
Science Magazine, November 2019

The Polarstern is enabling scientists to spend one year frozen in ice. Now, they must make sure the ship doesn’t wreck their studies. Learn more in Science Magazine's November issue.
Frozen Researchers Will Greatly Improve Arctic Weather Prediction
Scientific American, November 2019

Their data will also bolster climate models that forecast extreme weather where we all live.

Searching for a Rectangular Sun Above the Arctic Circle
The New York Times, October 2019

As polar winter sets in during an expedition on a research vessel, a reporter hopes she’ll catch a glimpse of a brilliant mirage.

Ship Freezes Itself in Arctic Ice to Study Climate Change
Scientific American, October 2019

Researchers trapped in the central Arctic Ocean for a year prepare to unlock secrets of the region’s changing climate.
Africa's Big Break
Discover Magazine, May 2018

The continent may be splitting apart, and so is consensus among geologists. Learn more in Discover's May issue.