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NASA Lab's Workforce Woes Threaten Major Space Missions
Scientific American, December 2023

Long COVID Rates Appear To Be Decreasing
Scientific American, December 2023

Huge New Satellite Outshines Nearly Every Star in the Sky
Nature, October 2023

NASA's Interplanetary Plans May Be Lurching toward Disaster
Scientific American, May 2023

NASA's Uranus Mission Is Running Out of Time
Scientific American, March 2023

Hubble Telescope Faces Threat From SpaceX and Other Companies' Satellites
The New York Times, March 2023

How to Watch the 'Green Comet' While You Still Can
The New York Times, February 2023

Weird Supernova Remnant Blows Scientists' Minds
Nature, January 2023

These 'Green Pea' Galaxies Might Have Helped to End the Universe's Dark Age
Nature, January 2023

A Total Lunar Eclipse in Early Tuesday Skies
The New York Times, November 2022

New Omicron Variants Are Here—Here is What We Know So Far
Scientific American, November 2022

SOFIA Airborne Observatory Has Taken its Final Flight
Sky & Telescope, September 2022

The Milky Way's Spiral Arms May Have Carved Earth's Continents
Scientific American, September 2022

Webb Telescope Spots CO2 on Exoplanet for First Time: What it Means for Finding Alien Life
Nature, August 2022

Long COVID in Children Appears Less Common Than Early Fears Suggested
Scientific American, August 2022

Should Parents Delay Kids' Second COVID Vaccine? Here's What the Research Says
Nature, August 2022

COVID Vaccines Safely Protect Pregnant People: The Data Are In
Nature, January 2022

NASA Will Map Every Living Thing on the International Space Station
Scientific American, March 2021

Verena Mohaupt: Polar Patroller
Nature, December 2020

Babies' Mysterious Resilience to Coronavirus Intrigues Scientists
Scientific American, July 2020

Summer Solstice 2020 and the Search for Life in the Galaxy
The New York Times, June 2020

Biggest Ever Yellowstone Eruption Revealed
Scientific American, June 2020

A Surprise Discovery Points to the Source of Fast Radio Bursts
Quanta Magazine, June 2020

Familiar Culprit May Have Caused Mysterious Mass Extinction
The New York Times, June 2020

Meteorites Might be More likely to Strike Near the Equator
Science News, May 2020

SpaceX Plans Sunshades to Save Night Skies From Starlink Satellites
The New York Times, May 2020

Could There be Life Under a Hydrogen Sky?
Sky & Telescope, May 2020

Coronavirus Shutdown Forces Research Ship to Break out of Arctic Ice
Nature, April 2020

Researchers Claim Rainfall Triggered Kilauea Eruption, but Others Remain Skeptical
Scientific American, April 2020

Life on the Planet Mercury? ‘It’s Not Completely Nuts’
The New York Times, March 2020

Why Mars Needs Leap Days Too
The New York Times, February 2020

Colorado River Is in Danger of a Parched Future
Scientific American, February 2020

OneWeb Launches 34 Satellites as Astronomers Fear Radio Chatter
The New York Times, February 2020

Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Was Great for Bacteria
The New York Times, February 2020

Volcanoes on Venus Might Still be Smoking
The New York Times, January 2020

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