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News Stories From 2019

Newfound 'Ablating' Exoplanets Could Reveal Alien Geology
Scientific American, December 2019

Lights Out: Astronomers Illuminate the Mystery of Vanishing Quasars
Scientific American, December 2019

As SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites, Scientists See Threat to 'Astronomy Itself'
The New York Times, November 2019

Marooned: Researchers Will Freeze Their Ship into Arctic Ocean Ice for a Year
Scientific American, September 2019

The Solar System's Loneliest Planets
Scientific American, August 2019

These Plants Can Replace Meat — but Will Doing So Help the Environment?
Scientific American, August 2019

The Moon Is a Hazardous Place to Live
The New York Times, July 2019

Water on Europa — with a Pinch of Salt
Scientific American, June 2019

After SpaceX Starlink Launch — a Fear of Satellites That Outnumber All Visible Stars
The New York Times, June 2019

Scientists Uncover California's Hidden Earthquakes
Scientific American, April 2019

The Scientist Who Cooks Up the Skies of Faraway Worlds
Quanta, April 2019

An Impossible Scenario: Scientists Watch as Heat Moves at the Speed of Sound
Scientific American, March 2019

Sealed Cache of Moon Rocks to Be Opened by NASA
The New York Times, March 2019

Zombie Stars Shine On after Mystery Detonations
Scientific American, February 2019

Neptune Has a Newly Discovered Moon. What Else Is It Hiding?
The New York Times, February 2019

Monster Magnetar Pinpointed as Trigger of Ultrabright Stellar Detonation
Scientific American, February 2019

New Astro Camera Spots Thousands of Celestial Flashes
Sky & Telescope, February 2019

Bevy of Mysterious Radio Bursts Finds Second Repeating Source
Sky & Telescope, January 2019

The Far Side of the Moon: What China and the World Hope to Find
The New York Times, January 2019

All Sand on Earth Could Be Made of Star Stuff
Scientific American, January 2019

It's Cold Outside, but Earth Is at Its Closest Approach to the Sun
The New York Times, January 2019

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