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News Stories From 2018

The Top 10 Astronomy News Stories of 2018
Sky &Telescope, December 2018

Caught in the Act — Astronomers Get Their Best Look Yet at a Supernova Blowing Up
Scientific American, December 2018

World's First Automated Volcano Forecast Predicts Mount Etna's Eruptions
Nature News, November 2018

The Galactic Collision That Reshaped Our Milky Way
Scientific American, November 2018

Say Hello to Dickinsonia — the Animal Kingdom's Newest (and Oldest) Member
Scientific American, September 2018

Seen at Last: A Superfast Jet Streams Away from Neutron-star Smashup
Sky & Telescope, September 2018

To Understand Volcanoes on Other Worlds — Stand On Our Own
Quanta Magazine, August 2018

A Superconductor Scandal? Scientists Question a Nobel Prize-Worthy Claim
Scientific American, August 2018

The Storm Begins: Canadian Telescope Spots Its First Radio Burst
Sky & Telescope, August 2018

Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Be an Energy Source. But Should It?
National Geographic, August 2018

Did a Stellar Intruder Deform Our Outer Solar System?
Scientific American, July 2018

Whoops! NASA Burned Evidence for Life on Mars 40 Years Ago
New Scientist, July 2018

Never Mind the Summer Heat: Earth Is at Its Greatest Distance From the Sun
The New York Times, July 2018

Summer Solstice 2018: The Search for Life in the Galaxy
The New York Times, June 2018

Glittering Diamond Dust in Space Might Solve a 20-Year-Old Mystery
Scientific American, June 2018

Known Close Stellar Encounters Surge in Number
Sky & Telescope, May 2018

Early Star Formation Presents New Cosmic Mystery
Sky & Telescope, May 2018

Falling Mini-Moons May Have Created Earth's First Continents
New Scientist, May 2018

A New World's Extraordinary Orbit Points to Planet Nine*
Quanta Magazine, May 2018

*This story was a finalist for the 2019 David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism.

The Milky Way's Speediest Stars Could Solve a 50-Year-Old Mystery
Scientific American, May 2018

Gassy Earthquakes Near Istanbul May Pose New Risks to Region
The New York Times, May 2018

A Nation Divided: Arid/Humid Climate Boundary in U.S. Creeps Eastward
Scientific American, April 2018

Are Water Worlds Habitable?
Scientific American, April 2018

New England Is Sitting on a Bed of Hot Rocks
Scientific American, April 2018

The Sun Is Spitting Out Strange Patterns of Gamma Rays — and No One Knows Why
Scientific American, March 2018

Mercury's Long-Lost Cousin Found in Distant Planetary System
New Scientist, March 2018

Like Ancient Snowball Earth — Frozen Planets May Still Be Habitable
Scientific American, March 2018

After a Volcano's Ancient Supereruption Humanity May Have Thrived
The New York Times, March 2018

The Moon Might Have Formed in a Vaporised Doughnut-Shaped Earth
New Scientist, February 2018

Could More Snow in Antarctica Slow Sea Level Rise?
Scientific American, February 2018

The Day the Earth Stood Still
Scientific American, February 2018

Volcanoes Then an Asteroid Wiped out the Dinosaurs
National Geographic, February 2018

There Might be Stars and Planets Made Out of Dark Matter
New Scientist, February 2018

There's a New Definition for the Term 'Planet'
Sky & Telescope, January 2018

Debunking the Myth That Earthquakes and Full Moons Are Linked
The New York Times, January 2018

Looming Landslide Stokes Fears — May Help Disaster Predictions
Scientific American, January 2018

Mysterious Cosmic Bursts Traced to Extreme Environment
Sky & Telescope, January 2018

Hidden Exoplanets Could be Revealed by Echoing Light
New Scientist, January 2018

The Sun Might Have Formed in a Giant Star's Bubble
Sky & Telescope, January 2018

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