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News Stories From 2017

Give Thanks for the Winter Solstice — You Might Not Be Here Without It
The New York Times, December 2017

Neutron-star Smashup Might Have Choked Its Own Jet
Sky & Telescope, December 2017

An Early Collision With a Mars-Sized Body Rocked the Earth to Form the Moon
New Scientist, December 2017

Storm Waves With the Power to Heave Massive Boulders Over Cliffs
The New York Times, November 2017

Lightning Leaves Clouds of Radiation and Antimatter in its Wake
New Scientist, November 2017

Ocean-Covered Planets May Not be the Places to Search for Life
New Scientist, November 2017

Dark Matter May be The Source of Antimatter Streaming Past Earth
New Scientist, November 2017

The Cool Beginnings of a Volcano's Supereruption
The New York Times, November 2017

Drones Peer Inside a Volcano
Scientific American, November 2017

Possible Exomoon May be an Ocean-Covered World as Large as Saturn
New Scientist, October 2017

A Surprise From the Supervolcano Under Yellowstone
The New York Times, October 2017

Super-Earths Draw Asteroids to Other Worlds — Seeding Life
New Scientist, September 2017

Debate Heats Up Over the Search for Life on Mars
NBC, September 2017

Nearby Stellar Traffic Twice as Heavy as Previously Thought
Sky & Telescope, September 2017

Experiencing Totality: Eclipse Stories From Sky & Telescope
Sky & Telescope, August 2017

Supernova's Messy Birth Casts Doubt on Reliability of Astronomical Yardstick
Nature News, August 2017

New Sky Survey Shows that Dark Energy May One Day Tear us Apart
New Scientist, August 2017

Biazarro Life-Forms Inhabiting Deep-Sea Vents May Be at Risk
Scientific American, August 2017

Volcanoes May Have Triggered the Last Unexplained Mass Extinction
Scientific American, August 2017

Clues Emerge in Mystery of Flickering Quasars
Nature News, July 2017

Earth's Tectonic Activity May Be Crucial for Life and Rare in Our Galaxy*
Scientific American, July 2017

*This story was honored with the 2018 David Perlman Award for Excellence in Science Journalism.

Invisibility Cloak Makes Solar Panels Work More Efficiently
New Scientist, July 2017

Kepler Team Releases Final Exoplanet Catalog
Sky & Telescope, June 2017

Cosmic Bruise Could Be Evidence for Multipe Universes
NBC, June 2017

Mini-Flares Might Threaten Life Around Red Dwarf Stars
Sky & Telescope, June 2017

Ravenous Supermassive Black Holes May Sterilize Nearby Planets
Scientific American, May 2017

Rings and Asteroids May Explain 'Alien Megastructure' Star
New Scientist, May 2017

Can we Save the World's Oceans from Garbage?
NBC, May 2017

Tangoing Pairs of Hungry Supermassive Black Holes Grow in Number
New Scientist, May 2017

The Solution to Climate Change Might be Right Under Our Feet
NBC, May 2017

A New Theory May Explain 'Impossible' TRAPPIST-1 Planets
Eos, May 2017

Earth-Sized Telescope May Let Us See a Black Hole for the First Time Ever
NBC, April 2017

Oldest Dust Ever Spotted in the Universe Seen in Distant Galaxy
New Scientist, April 2017

The Coldest Place in the Universe Marks a Double Stellar Grave
New Scientist, March 2017

Scientists Have Some Wild Ideas for Solving Our Big Bee Problem
NBC, March 2017

These Seven Alien Earths May be Swapping Life
National Geographic, March 2017

Why Scientists are So Excited About This Total Solar Eclipse
NBC, March 2017

Found: Hundreds of Thousands of Man-Made Minerals and Another Argument for the Anthropocene
Scientific American, March 2017

Why NASA Wants to Send a 'Turtle' to Titan
NBC, February 2017

Volcanic Eruption May Have Plunged the Maya into a 'Dark Age'
Scientific American, February 2017

Best Evidence Yet for an Intermediate Mass Black Hole
Sky & Telescope, February 2017

What Lies Ahead for Earth's Shifting Continents Might Surprise You
NBC, February 2017

Water Spotted in the Atmosphere of a Nearby Hot Jupiter
New Scientist, February 2017

The Hunt for Alien Megastructures is On
NBC, January 2017

Fast Radio Burst Has a Surprising Source
Sky & Telescope, January 2017

How Art Can Make the Data Pop
Nautilus, January 2017

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