Announcing my new Beacon project

This month I'm using Beacon — a new independent platform for journalism — to launch a project titled Debunking Earth 2.0. The discovery of habitable exoplanets and even extraterrestrial life is often referred to as the Holy Grail in astronomy. But unfortunately the media tends to get a little carried away, writing sensational headlines and articles that are radically misleading. So I'm going to investigate what's really happening, reporting on the latest findings from a critical standpoint.

But I need your help. There are subscriptions available for only $5 per month. But here's the best part: when you subscribe to my work, you'll get access not only to all the stories I write on Beacon, but also the work of over 100 additional writers, based all over the world.


I graduated from Whitman College in May 2011 with two degrees: one in physics-astronomy and one in philosophy. In May 2013 I received my master's degree in astronomy from the University of Wyoming. I currently freelance for Sky & Telescope magazine and In the fall I will attend NYU's Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program.


As human beings we're drawn to the inner-workings of subatomic particles, the search for other life forms and the opaque gas enshrouding the big bang. Journalism has the power to unwrap and elucidate scientific results in a compelling and accurate way. As a freelance science journalist, I have published over 150 articles. My work has been picked up by tens of websites and even translated into Serbian.


I have always felt the need to travel — to explore the world and in doing so come to better understand myself. I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe and southeast Asia. After my college graduation I lived in a Buddhist Temple in northeast Thailand. Every day I would wake up at 3 a.m. to sleepily meditate under a large golden Buddha.